Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Making Dave Proud by supporting the Hogs!

On Saturday my parents came down for the Razorback game. So we grilled some burgers and had our own little "tailgating" at our know, in the air conditioning. It's the way we like to roll. Because on my run that morning, we saw STAND STILL traffic backed up on Markham at 6:00 in the MORNING....yes, and the game wasn't until 6:00 that EVENING. So, we thought it would be smart to not sweat to death in the 10000% humidity with 0% chance of a breeze and just stay inside.

Well, as we were sitting there enjoying our late lunch/early dinner we noticed the traffic starting to back up on Markham because of all the people trying to get down to the stadium. As we sat there, we joked about how funny that would be to park cars at our house and make a little extra money.....until we realized that was EXACTLY what we needed to do! ha. So, I made a sign and Del sat out next to the curb to try and get some takers!

I'd say we got a few takers. Well, to be exact....we got 16 takers!! ha! Dave Ramsey would be so proud.
In 20 minutes we had filled up our yard, side yard, and driveway so we closed up shop and headed down to the game!
It was SO HOT....but with our extra $dough$ that we made, I didn't feel bad AT ALL buying a $4 bottle of water and $4 small cup of dip-n-dots ice cream to try and cool off.
Thank you Amy Hannon for creating this super cute Swanky Sooie Tee! It is my absolute favorite shirt right now. I told her that she needs to make 6 more so that I have one for every day of the week. If anyone wants to buy one, they are available at Sign Sealed Delivered in Rogers, Riffraff in Fayetteville, and Luxe in Hot Springs.

I guess you could say it was a successful Saturday! Go Hogs!!

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