Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boring or Busy?

I feel like I need to apologize because of the lack of blogging....and really lack of motivation to blog recently. I can remember a time {not even a year ago} when everything we did was "blog worthy" {as Del would say...in a mocking tone}. But I think our life has either gotten boring or just busy!? I can't figure it out. But our days recently have consisted of lot of quick dinners, driving circles around LR, irregular work schedules, reading, taking pictures...editing pictures, and seeing Del only when he's sleeping because he's on the night shift of his OBGYN rotation so our schedules are completely opposite right now. On the bright side, BSF started this week so I feel like that will force me into a little bit more of a routine that the summer usually lacks. I would love to sit here and say that I will blog every day for the next week....but I know that just isn't true. Because on Friday, I'll be going BACK up to NWA because my good friend, Gretchen is getting married {Woo-hoo!!} on Friday....and then I'll be driving BACK down to Russellville to shoot a wedding on Saturday. So, maybe on Sunday I will catch my breath and start blogging again! :)

All that to say, I just wanted to say "Hi" & "We are still alive, and haven't dropped off the face of the planet!"

I hope you are loving this fall weather! I know we are!

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