Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Day Slump

I never thought I would say this when there is 6 inches of snow on the ground....but I am.
{Gulp, here it goes....}
"Today was one of the most disappointing snow days of my entire life."
I'm sure it was because of a lot different reasons, but I think the overarching one was the fact that our beloved hometown received 19 inches of snow today....and we received a "measly" 6. Usually I would be elated with every single flake that fell...but today it was just different. Not only did my parents keep sending me texts with pictures showing how much snow was COVERING their patio furniture, but it was also the first snow day in 8 years that Del and I weren't able to spend together. So, to try and console our "broken hearts", My sister-in-law & I kept calling each other throughout the day, sharing our sentiments about how we were getting the shaft, since she just moved in Memphis. Who knew 3 hours South could make that big of a difference?!

So....with all that being said, I need to apologize {first, for complaining so much in the first paragraph. ha.} and secondly, for the lack of yumminess that is going to be this blog post. I started laughing today when a friend said, "Be sure to bake lots of good stuff and blog about it - I love reading your snow day blogs". I was laughing because I'm pretty sure I did not purchase a single "baking" item when I stocked up at the store yesterday. I haven't been feeling well recently {which is a blog post in and of itself...and is coming soon} so the only thing in our refrigerator is Gatorade, Jell-O, Veggie Sandwich Ingredients, and a few Lean Cuisines.

But after that comment, I felt like I should do something in honor of the 6 inches we DID get. But, the only thing I could come up with was....Hot Chocolate.
Yep, straight-from-the-box-just-add-hot-water-hot-chocolate.

But...when I got to thinking about what else I had on hand...I remembered the super yummy Mint Truffle Hershey Kisses that have been slowly eating away at my waistline. Oh yes, just the thing to spice up my boring 'ole Hot Chocolate.

Add those plus a few jumbo marshmallows to your favorite mug {Shout out to all my Pi Phi Sisters out there!}, add your hot chocolate mix, plus your boiling hot water....and watch all the ingredients melt into the perfect mug of Warm Snow Day Goodness!

Then, because your Hot Chocolate will burn off your entire tongue if you try to drink it right away, go stick it in some snow, take a few pictures of how much snow you got, then come back and enjoy!
I guess I was a little excited about the Hot Chocolate at this point, because I lost my better judgement when I put on my slippers to go outside and take pictures....instead of the warm insulated waterproof boots that were sitting right next to them. ha. I'll remember that for tomorrow.

All-in-all, it wasn't such a bad day. I was super productive around the house, which always makes a girl sleep better at night. I hope wherever you are, and no matter how much snow you received today, you are warm, safe, and snuggled up relaxing with friends and family you love dearly.
Happy Snow Day!

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bperryphoto said...

I love this post... Have I ever told you how great of a writer I think you are? Well, you are a fantastic writer!:) And I want some of that hot chocolate. My obsession has moved from chai tea to hot chocolate. Good move.