Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ava's Happy Nursery {Arkansas Newborn Photographer}

Today starts a series I'm doing for all the mom's of those Sweet Cheek Newborns I've been taking pictures of. From the moment they found out they were pregnant, they started preparing a room in their house for their Little One to one day call their own....and that deserves a little attention! However, I believe that a nursery isn't completely done until there is at least ONE BIG PRINT of their little Sweet Cheeks, so that in the middle of the night {when you're getting up for the 5th time in 3 hours, because they won't sleep or stop crying and you can't figure out what's wrong with them} then you can gaze at that beautiful picture and it will remind you that everything will be ok...and that this phase won't last forever. :)
Because like I always say:
Big Prints equal Happy Mom's...and Happy Mom's equal Happy Nurseries! 

So....let's take a peek inside Ava's Happy Nursery.
Oh....I'm LOVING what I'm seeing so far!!
Ahhhh, complete perfection!!
If you'll remember, I did a comment contest for Ava's Newborn Pictures...and boy did she get some comments! She received over 50 comments, so she won a free 20x20 print. Well, Susan wanted to upgrade that print to a canvas....so that is exactly what we did! And it turned out perfect!
Doesn't that yellow flower on her hat just go perfectly with the rest of her nursery?!?! I. Love. It.
I *heart* canvas prints. They truly are pieces of art.
Susan, thanks for allowing me to share pictures of Ava's nursery with everyone. 
I feel like the room really is complete now that her Sweet Cheek's picture is up for all to see.....
and I know that it makes you a Happy Mommy....which in turn makes a Happy Nursery!

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