Monday, July 18, 2011

Meet Me Here Monday: Dancing Queens

I don't know where it all started....
...Maybe it was in high school when I realized that I loved watching the pom squad and cheerleaders dance equally as much as I enjoyed playing in the basketball game....

...or maybe it was in college when we won FIRST PLACE in Step Show....

...or maybe it was when Val and I started watching So You Think You Can Dance and I saw Chelsea and Mark's Bleeding Love performance...{and yes, I'm pretty sure Mark rips my heart out right along with Chelsea's every time I watch this video. Ughh...gets me every time.}

....or maybe it was Katee and Joshua's Samba Performance from the same season...
{Oh. My. Gosh. I just watched this video 8 times...I LOVE IT. I can't figure out if I love it so much because I secretly want Del and I to learn it so that we can bust it out at a wedding or something....or if it's just because I love Joshua and Katee so much as a couple (which in my heart I keep telling myself that they got married in real life after the show ended)...or if it's because Nigel asks who "poured Joshua into those trousers?!" and that's all I can think of the entire dance? haha. Whatever the reason is, I hands down love this performance.}

{and I've now realized that there are SO many SYTYCD videos that I love, I may have to create an entire blog post showing each one!}

So as you can see I've had some serious dance "training" throughout my years...and now, for whatever reason...the inner dance machine in me is trying to bust through. And you know what....I'm NOT holding it back!!
And actually, to be fair...I would say this is a "Wedding Reception Induced Dance Machine"...because it doesn't really rear it's ugly amazing head in too many other instances. I mean, don't you dare ask me to choreograph a dance or go teach a dance team a performance. But if I hear the beginning beat of the Cupid Shuffle {and there is a group of people I can kind of hide myself in} you better believe I'm going to be dancing with the best of 'em!

But at the last reception Blaire and I were at, all the girls and guys started doing a different dance called the Wobble...and it is SO FUN! And as most receptions go, Blaire and I put our cameras down and joined in for a dance {or two}. However, when I looked up...I realized that she wasn't just taking pictures of my "stellar performance" but she was actually taking a video! haha.

Well, I'm guessing that this officially on. Blaire might have drawn first blood on this one...but we have a many more weddings coming up that you can expect I'll be looking for the perfect opportunity to grab some footage of my sweet friend as she busts a move on the dance floor.

And if you're one of our Brides and are all the sudden thinking, "Who in the world have I hired?"...please let me put your mind at ease. Dancing is NOT our main objective at receptions, but if the time is right and the bride calls us out to the dance floor...we obviously aren't going to turn her down! :)

I mean, what Bride doesn't want to dance with her photographer to All the Single Ladies before she tosses her bouquet?? :)

So, even though you may se our foot tappin' or our hips shakin' a little while we are photographing your reception, there is no way in a million years we would miss these priceless moments. I love weddings too much to not give a bride these once-in-a-lifetime pictures from her Big Day.

I hope this post has put a little extra pep in your step today! I know I'll be Samba-ing around the house today as I clean! :)

Happy Monday!


Sarah Fries said...

LOVE IT! I totally watched all 10 minutes of the step show! I forgot you all won that year. Pat and I are helping with the college ministry at Crosschurch Fayetteville and we have a girl in it that's an AKA. I totally was telling her to invite me when step show begins. She said it has gotten so competitive that the rules are all different. I'm not even sure our sororities get to perform or they don't declare a winner??? But I do stand corrected b/c I told her Zeta won every year! Oops! I also vividly remember the snowflake train move! That definitely brought the house down!

Great post, there is a pep in my step now!

Susan said...

Have been waiting to get to this post all week and finally got to! I could not pick you out in the step show to save my life! But I am like you, there are just certain songs that make me wanna dance, but I rarely fact, I never do! But I know it would be so much fun! Loved this blog post!