Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So...I forgot it was Valentine's Day!

I woke up yesterday morning thinking that it was just a regular day...until I logged onto Facebook when I quickly realized that I had completely missed the boat on the fact that it was the "national day of love"!!

Del and I never do much for Valentine's Day, because usually by this time of the year {after birthdays and the holidays} we are out of money. So typically we just doing something small...or Del gets me something autographed picture of Fabio. True Story. He was at Sam's Club a few years ago...and Del thought that a signed pic of that 'Hunk of Meat' would be the key to my heart! He's learned a lot since those early dating days! ha.

But as far as this year goes...Del had stayed up until 3am the "night" before, painting our living room {in preparation to get our house ready to sell} needless to say, I could tell from his "heavy breathing/unconscious state" that he wasn't planning on waking up early to make me a homemade breakfast with fresh rose petals sprinkled over my eggs. So, when when I woke up around 7:30 to feed Davis...and finally realized what day it mind immediately went into planning mode. I had some really fun plans for Valentine's Day...however I thought I had at least another week to get everything ready! ha. :)
Once Davis was fed and happy, I got him dressed and packed him up quietly to head to Hobby Lobby and Target to gather up my supplies...without waking up my #1 Valentine.

All of the ideas I had of course came from Pinterest, and like always...they were a hit! What did we do before this magnificent site?!
My first little project was creating my own version of this frame.
I'm excited to see how this can be used as a constant reminder to let each other know the current reasons we love one another.
Then of course, what is Valentine's Day without some kind of sweets?! So I made these 9:30 in the morning! Yumm-O!! I added my own twist and whipped up some homemade cream cheese frosting, which just made these ridiculously good. You've GOT to give these a try! And you don't need a holiday to find a reason to make them!!
So, after we ran around town we stopped off at Chick-fil-A to get breakfast for our main man.
It was a great start to a wonderful day...especially when we realized that they shaped our biscuits into the shape of a heart! Chick-fil-A, you really are the best.
But the sweetest treat this Valentine's Day was spending it with this little dumpling!
We think he is getting pretty close to smiling for real...but for now, we will just enjoy all of these sweet facial expressions! And that dimple!! To. Die. For!
Davis, this lady {and your daddy} loves you more than you can even imagine!
Happy 1st Valentine's Day, Sweet Love.


Stephanie B said...

Seriously Chelsea, Davis is SO PRECIOUS! I teared up with I saw the picture of that tiny dimple! I know you are just so in love with him!

And props to you for baking, crafting, and running errands with a new born! That alone is inspiring! I hope Del enjoyed his two Valentines!

The Haguewoods said...

You are superwoman!! Love the pics of Davis - just want to kiss those cheeks!! BTW, his shirt is AWESOME!