Saturday, March 10, 2012

Brad & Trinka are MARRIED!!

After many tears and LOTS and LOTS of ended up being the most wonderful day for a beautiful Outdoor Southern Wedding. For the past 2 weeks {at least} there has been over a 60% chance of when the forecast changed to "sunshine" and 0% chance of rain, it made our sweet friend Trinka one very happy bride!! Honestly, you couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day in early I left the little guy with Del and my dad and I headed downtown to celebrate with Trinka and Brad. I met Trinka last year when God brought her into my BSF Group. Amazingly enough, God also brought Kari into our group as well...who just "happen" to have a single brother. As time went on, Kari kept talking to Trinka about her amazing brother, when he got back from his time overseas they met...and now, the rest is history. It was so fun to attend a wedding as just one of the guests...but I will say that it made me super excited about this upcoming wedding season! It took everything in me to not take pictures of every single detail that Trinka sewed, glued, handpicked, and crafted for their Big Day....because there truly was not a single detail left undone. I could just see the wedding album unfolding before my eyes! But I refrained and just snapped some pictures from my seat! And as you'll see...the day was perfectly southern and perfectly Brad and Trinka.
Truly, here she came in all her Beautiful Bride Glory!! What a sweet entrance.
And after a wonderful ceremony....
...there was a sweet kiss...and a sweet embrace.
 Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs. Kremers!
I love everything about this picture! Especially all the bridesmaids!
Thank you, Jesus for bringing these sweet friends into my life through Bible Study. They have helped make our time in LR so special.

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