Monday, March 12, 2012

Meet Me Here Monday: Missed Appointment

I had these wonderful intentions to do Davis' 2 Month Blog Post today after his appointment, so that I would have all of his current measurements, weight, and other "stats". But we never made it to our appointment. Ha. I had all our stuff together, Davis was in the car seat {fed and happy}, and we were walking out the door when I realized that our keys were locked inside the car. Awesome. Strike One. 

Then when I called to reschedule our appointment, I looked at my calendar and realized that I had TOTALLY missed the appointment all together! I had thought it was at 9:15...but that was actually MY doctors appointment LAST MONDAY! Ugh. His appointment was at 8:50! Strike Two. Maybe it's for the best because I don't know if my heart was ready for all the crying that was about to take place because of the shots. He has just recently started crying real tears...and it breaks my heart. Good thing he's not maliciously manipulative yet, because he has me right where he wants me with those tears. I should probably start praying for tougher skin as he gets older! ha.
So until Wednesday, I leave you with these few little pictures I took before we took his "official" Two Month Pictures! Isn't that just the sweetest dimple you've ever seen?!

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Stefanie said...

Chelsea, I was just catching up on reading your blog, and I think your prayer for tough skin is a wise one ... Liam has recently started pointing to his cheeks and saying, "mommy, teadops (teardrops), sad" when he's looking for sympathy. It's pretty tough to not melt into a puddle in those moments :)