Thursday, March 15, 2012

Davis is 2 Months!

I wish someone would have emailed me after my last post to tell me that I was crazy for thinking that I would have time to write a huge blog post after taking Davis to the doctor, getting shots, and then tending to his "tired/fussier than normal" needs. Those shots are for real....and from the look on Davis' face when they administered them....they are REALLY painful too. Poor thing. But this momma did ok. I'd give myself a B- on the whole 2mo appointment experience. And the only reason for the less than perfect grade is because I felt like my brain was going to explode when the pediatrician started talking super fast about all of the things to expect from him in the next few months, how to introduce rice cereal, and all of the other "to-dos" and "don't dos" that go along with child rearing....all the while Davis is screaming from being hungry and then having one of the biggest explosive diapers TO. DATE. I feel like calling up there and making an appointment for myself just so I can get a recap on all that was said because I'm pretty sure I only digested about .8% of the information. :) But at least I can look back on the experience with a smile, and just chalk it up as a Memorable Mom Moment! Ha.

The good news is: our boy is healthy and growing! He is now 11lb 15oz {50%}, 24in long {80%}, and has a 15in head circumference {10%} ha!! I had no idea his head was so small! But we aren't worried about it! We still think he's perfect.

One of the newest and greatest developments that have happened recently is his smile. It takes on many different forms, but we will take any form or fashion he will give us!
This is his Sweet Dimple Smile:
We've also tried giving him a pacifier...but in his mind it doesn't hold a flame to his bottom lip. He.LOVES.his.bottom.lip! He prefers it to a pacifier, and honestly is one of the ways we know he is about to fall asleep. He will lay there and fight sleep, but as soon as he sucks that bad boy in, he's a goner!

 But there is also his Stretchy Face. It's one of my personal faves. Every time he stretches, he puts both arms up over his head and makes this face. I think it cracks me up because it seems like such a "mature" action for someone so little. I hope he keeps this up for years to come!
 And now, I have a Quick Confession:
I am obsessed with making collages of Davis' fun faces!
But this one deserves a slot of it's own.
 Stoic Davis
 Happy Two Months, Sweet Baby Davis.
We love you and can't wait to see what new things you learn over this next month!
Love, Your Mom and Dad


Jill said...

Chelsea, He is absolutely precious. Love these pictures.

Kari Beth said...

I'm so behind on reading blogs! But just have to tell you... DAVIS IS SO CUTE!