Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Meet Me Here Monday: Match Day

Last Friday was Match Day for UAMS and it was one of the neatest days I've experienced in life thus far! Even though we already knew where we were going, because the ARMY does their match earlier, we were still excited to see where all of Del's friends would be going and what area of medicine they would be going into!
The way the ceremony happened...each Med Student was called up on stage, given their envelope that enclosed their name, area of medicine they matched in, and where they matched...and then they had the opportunity to read it in front of everyone! The only thing I could compare it to would be Bid Day for RUSH....except it was a million times better! Del was one of the first to be called up on stage and even though we already knew what was inside the envelope my heart was racing so fast I almost missed the shot!

"Del Sloneker; Otolaryngology {ENT}; Madigan Army Hospital, Tacoma Washington!!"
As each of the students read what was in their envelopes, there was a lot of smiling, screaming, jumping, and crying. I don't think I realized the magnitude of this day until it actually happened, and after each one was read you could just feel the sigh of relief of knowing that all their hard work had paid off.
 This family of Three is ready to head West!!
Del's good friend, Chris Merrick is headed to Duke...which couldn't be further from Tacoma! ha. But we couldn't be any more excited for he and his wife, Jill. We will miss them dearly.
Once the ceremony ended, we went to lunch with a group of friends and then headed out on a little hike. It was Davis' first hike and our poor little buddy got so hot in the Ergo Carrier that Del just had to carry him for the last part of the hike. But once he cooled off I think he really enjoyed himself!
Then we all got cleaned up and went to the Match Day Dinner. It was at an old abandoned theater downtown and the food was phenomenal! Davis slept through the whole dinner, but as the night progressed we decided that Davis and I should head home so that he could get to bed at a decent time...which I don't think he minded too much since that meant he got to spend time with his best buddy, Mr. Whale Tub! This kid LOVES bath time!
Congrats to everyone that matched this year!
It's been exciting to see you all work so hard over these past 4 years and to now see all of your hard work pay off! May God use you and the talents He has given you in your specific areas of medicine, and may those that you work with and the patients you are given be blessed because of your interaction with them.

"In the same way, let your light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven."
-Matthew 5:16

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HickChickBritt said...

Oh my that is the sweetest face ever, when he is in the bath! He is just too cute