Monday, April 9, 2012

Meet Me Here Monday: Davis' First Easter

 To say I "got into Easter" this year would be a complete understatement. Let's just say...I went a little nuts-O. I mean, as a Christian, if there is really a holiday to celebrate...shouldn't THIS be it? Jesus conquered DEATH and now offers us life because of it! HELLO!! Now THAT, my friend, is something to celebrate!! Davis and I started out the weekend by meeting up with Susan and Ava, so we could get pictures with the Easter Bunny. But as it turns out, the Easter Bunny is trying to rob the American Public, one picture at a time, so we got economical on it and put both the kids in the same picture and then split the lowest "picture package" that was offered! BOOM!! Ava was a little hesitant of the gigantic yellow bunny {and of course, Davis couldn't have cared less} so we got in the picture with them! My thought is...if they DO end up together {fingers crossed} then this will make a wonderful picture for the Rehearsal Dinner Slide Show! haha. 

Then later that evening, we attended a very special Good Friday service at church, where we were given black sheets of paper to write our sin on, and then given a nail to nail them to the cross. It was a wonderful visual to what Jesus did for us over 2.000 years ago. But the best part was on Sunday, when we were given the opportunity to go to the cross and get white sheets of paper that had written on then "I am The Resurrection and The Life, whosoever believes in me shall have eternal life."

 My parents came down on Friday night because Del had to work on Saturday and I had some Bridal Portraits to take, so we weren't able to go to NWA. But Davis loved having Gma and Gpa much so that he only took three 20 minute naps each day they were here! But I can't blame him...when you're getting THAT much attention, who really wants to sleep?! ha.
 I'll admit, one of the things I was looking forward to the most was Davis' Easter Jammies. He even had bunnies on his feet! Melt. My. Heart. Thankfully he slept well that night and was well rested to celebrate our Savior the next day!
We were sad that we couldn't celebrate Easter with Davis' cousins {Will and Aubrey Jane, who live in NC}...but when our family is so spread out across the country, it makes me so thankful for technology and picture texts!! How sweet is AJ's matching pink bunny hat?! Davis and AJ are only 3 months apart, and they get to meet for the first time next month! I can hardly wait!!
On Sunday, we woke up and rushed around got ready for church, where we had the most wonderful service of celebration! It made me so thankful for the work that was done on the cross and the power behind the resurrection. Our pastor shared this quote from John MacArthur that I haven't been able to get out of my head, "God treated Jesus as if He had lived our life, so that He could treat us as if we had lived His life." Amen.
The rest of our day was spent cooking, relaxing, and playing with Davis since he wasn't napping. Ha. We probably wore this kid out with pictures...but he just looked so cute in his little Easter outfit!
After much picture taking, Del and my dad introduced him to The Masters. I'm definitely seeing some time on the course with this kiddo in the next couple of years....especially because Mr. Bill and Mrs. Julie just sent him his first putter and Ping outfit the other day, and he seemed pretty happy about it!!

Haleigh came over for lunch, but by the time we got done eating, Davis had just about reached the end of his rope! haha. Can we say, "time for bed"?!? :)
All in all, it was a wonderful weekend, and I wouldn't have changed a single minute of it!
I hope you had a wonderful day of celebration as well!
He is Risen! He is Risen, indeed!

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Katie (From Passys to Parties) said...

I could seriously eat him up he is so cute!! Looks like you all had a wonderful Easter!