Monday, April 16, 2012

Meet Me Here Monday: 3 Months Old!

I know I've said it before...and I know I'll say it again....but Wow, time really has gone by fast! I can't believe that it's been THREE months since we first met our little boy. And little he was...but he's not so little any more! It feels like he's getting heavier by the day...but I think it's more just muscle fatigue from carrying him around all the time. ha. I can remember when he was born, I would think about him eating rice cereal or baby food and it seemed so far away...but here we are, only a month away from him starting to eat something other than milk! Crazy. He is getting stronger and stronger....and smiley-er and smiley-er. His favorite time of the day seems to be bath time....when he gets to hang out with his "best friend" Mr. Whale. He smiles, kicks, and makes lots of great happy noises! We might have to move him to the tub soon because our kitchen floor gets a good cleaning almost every night during bath time. {Or maybe this is a great way for me to keep our floors clean!?! :)} We've also been doing a little more tummy time....even though he hates it! After about 3 minutes, he is done! But, he is starting to hold his head up we will keep practicing! We are still enjoying each day and each moment we get to spend with him! I honestly don't think we could love him any more than we already do. And once again...these faces! They keep us giggling all day long!
 Favorite! I love this sweet face so much!!
So...what have we been up to over the past month?!
Well, because I don't have any "official stats" to report, since we don't go back to the pediatrician for another month...her are some milestones that we've noticed:
Exhibit A: Bubbles
Drool has reached a new time high at our house....and I have a feeling that it's only going to get worse. Today was the first time I noticed that the collar of his shirt was actually wet from it. I keep checking for teeth, but none so far. But he has found his hands...which don't really help the issue, since he ends up just smearing the slobber all over his face. Ha.
 Exhibit B: Haircut
I gave Davis his first haircut the other day, because as you can was getting a little too funky in the front! It was a little sad because these were the little hairs he was born with...but as much I want to keep tabs on every little hair that he grows and loses, I had to remind myself that only God knows the number of hairs on our head. So, I'm releasing control and trusting God to keep tabs on those sweet little hairs. :)

Exhibit C: Fake Cough
Davis has developed quite an impressive fake cough. It's one of the funnier things he does throughout the day. It seems to really make it's appearance on the changing table...and I was able to catch it on video the other day...but it won't upload to blogger. Oh well. It's a possibility that he is just imitating us...but I'm not 100% sure if he's technically at that stage yet. But it sure is funny!

Exhibit D: Stronger Neck
I noticed a few weeks ago that when Davis was laying on his back it looked like he was trying to pull his head up and do {what kind of looked like} a crunch. So, I pulled on his arms to bring him to a sitting up position and his head didn't drag behind him! His little neck is getting a lot stronger and he loves to sit up and look around. He definitely doesn't have complete head control yet...but we are getting closer!
Look how much our little guy has grown! *Tear!*
{...And look who, after 3 months, finally remembered how to use her camera again! ha. Sorry for the yucky dingy pictures in the first few frames! Let's blame it on "pregnancy brain"....or sleep deprivation!}
He's growing and we are seeing more and more of his personality every day! We love it!
Happy 3 Months, Sweet Davis Cole!!
I hope your week is off to a great start! Happy Monday!

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Josh & Ashley said...

So that little haircut you just gave Mr. Davis reminds me of a time when you may have cut my hair on your parents back patio!! Let's just say it's a good thing Mr. Davis only has a few hairs to work with!!!!