Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ava is ONE!!

Quick Confession: This post is SO overdue, it's not even funny. But, these days..."better late than never" is a motto I'm learning to live by. :) "Our" sweet Ava turned ONE two weeks after Davis was born....so we  knew we needed to get her One Year/Smash Cake Pictures in before I became utterly sleep deprived! I love this girl as if she was my own, and the fact that I've had the honor of documenting each major milestone in her life has been such a blessing. I'm definitely going to miss this girl next year when she and her mom and dad move away...but thankfully the Lord gave the great idea of picture texts and Skype to a couple of geniuses...so we won't miss out on too much of her growing up! We wanted to get a couple of "regular" pictures before we let her dominate her yummy Chocolate Cake....and I love how all of these with the pearls turned out. If you've been around a 1 year old for more than 15 seconds, you know that you need something to keep them entertained...and these necklaces did just. the. trick. Ava has the biggest personality, so it wasn't hard to get some really fun shots of her "playing dress-up". I'm seeing much more of this in her future!
Not only is she super fun and happy...

She's Elegant....
She's Beautiful....
She's constantly on the move.....
And...She's opinionated!! Haha!
{Del and I sat here and cracked up at these pictures, trying to think of the perfect caption. He actually thought of this one!!}
 Quickly! Replace Pearls with CAKE!!
....Ahhh! Much Better! ha.
She also LOVES her food! And I loved taking pictures of her loving it! :)
{If I could take Wedding Pictures and Smash Cake pictures on a weekly basis...I think I would always have a smile on my face! Even though they are completely opposite....I LOVE those two events!}
I mean REALLY!?! How fun is this?!!!
 Happy 1st Birthday, Sweet Ava Bell!!

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Anonymous said...

Those were wonderful Chelsea. Thank you for all you do.