Monday, May 7, 2012

Meet Me Here Monday: The Great Chocolate Chip Cookie Hunt

The words were spoken. The challenge was before us. And we rose to the occasion.
A few months after Davis was born, Susan made the comment, "I'm a mom now. I need to be able to make a perfect chocolate chip cookie." So...{being the "good" friend that I am} I initiated the search...and we got to baking!! :)
{If you were looking for a good way to NOT lose your baby weight...this is a GREAT way to do it!! ha.}

Everyone we asked always said, "I just make the ones off the back of the Nestle Chocolate Chip Bag"....but what we began to see was that everyone had their own twist to it! Some added more flour, some used Parkay, some used Crisco, some used a mixture of both. Ugh! How is a girl to choose! And because I don't know the science behind what causes what to taste like what....and what adding or subtracting different ingredients left us just making a BUNCH of batches to try the different recipes! All we're looking for a cookie thats soft on the inside, but that still has a little crunch on the edges. Not too airy, and not too gooey! Is that too much for a girl to ask?! :)

Of course, we wanted to try these from Pinterest because they look too amazing for words...
....but some of the ingredients were a little we opted out of trying these!

Then Susan's brother-in-law sent her this recipe that was pretty fantastic {with the adjustment of using one stick of salted and one unsalted}
The only problem is...the cookies are FA-NOMINAL right out of the oven...but they really only last a day or two. Seriously. The texture changes and they aren't as good.
{but did that stop us from eating multiple batches? of course not!!}

But then I saw that a friend had pinned this I thought I'd give it a shot!
The dough is EXCELLENT {I know...Raw cookie dough isn't good for you...but how can you resist to nibble on it just a little bit?} And the cookies are pretty good as well!!

We've put the search on hold for just a little while because we feel like we've landed on a few recipes that we enjoy and can live with for the time being....or at least until we try someone else's that are so good that we just have to ask for the recipe!

If you have an amazing recipe that you'd like to pass on...feel free to leave the link or the recipe in the comments! I'd love to try them {even though I'm pretty sure I just heard my thighs scream as I typed that}! ha

Happy Monday!

Oh, and to follow up with my Pinterest Post:
I did end up making the Master's Egg Salad and it was good! However I was so hungry by the time I got done writing that post that I was shaking so I think when I was measuring the salt I added a little too much! ha. So, next time I make it, I'll probably omit the salt and just add it in at the end if it needs it!

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Anonymous said...

I have a pretty good recipe that I will try to send to you for the cookies. My secret is that you add extra flour and you cook them for about 10 min and then leave them on the baking sheet to set a little more before moving them to a cooling rack. Mine are soft in the middle and "semi-crunchy" on the outside! :)

~Holly Beckwith