Friday, February 8, 2013

DAVIS IS ONE!!! {and a look back on the last 6 months}

Before this month completely gets away from the last 6 months have, I'd like to announce that our sweet baby boy is ONE!!!!
Can you even believe it? And the fact that I am just NOW blogging about these last 6 exciting months makes my mommy heart really sad. However, I will not succumb to the "social media guilt pressure" and beat myself up about it! Ha. I did make a few efforts to document these last few months...but then...I'm not sure what really happened. Oh yeah. I'm a mom now! THAT'S what happened! Not only have I supposedly lost 1/2 of my brain cells, it's now hard for me to complete a single task without starting another one....or picking up one that I forgot to finish yesterday. :)
Case. In. Point.
I originally started to backtrack {in SEPTEMBER} to do his 7 month blog post...but then obviously gave up...or got distracted...or had to cook dinner...or change a diaper...or well...who knows. And then two months later decided to lump the last 4 months in together....and that obviously didn't get finished either! haha. we are. It's January, 2013...and I feel like I should reintroduce myself! Ha.
Hi, My name is Chelsea...and I haven't blogged in over 6 months.
It's nice to meet you.
Whew....where do I even begin?!?!
I guess if I could sum up these last 6 months in a few words it would be:
Crawling, Chewing, Climbing, and Chasing!!
Right at the end of 6 months/the very beginning of 7, Davis took off! I thought the whole "crawling process" would be just that....a process. Not so much. He began with the army crawl...which was really cute and fun...and a phase that I expected to last....for maybe....I don't know...a month? ha. {Have I ever been around babies before? Ha. Apparently not!} That phase lasted 2 days. Done. He wasted no time in that department. Boom. Crawling.
And then what seemed to be a few days later {which in all actuality, probably a month later} teeth started coming out of no where. Once again. I thought it took a long time for teeth to come in. Apparently not. So we started introducing more "real" food, but this child still loves some baby food!
Then one night, I look back and Davis is taking off up the stairs! What!?!?! I turned to Del and said, "Where did he learn to do that?" which he replied, "I might have taught him that last night". haha. Awesome. *Note to self: Pick up baby gates at the store.*
Then on Thanksgiving Day, Davis started walking. Our 10 1/2 months old boy took off like he had been walking for years! Which truly, I'd have to say, was the biggest blessing and exactly the gift we needed on that day.
A week before, Davis had crawled over to our gas fireplace and put his hand on the glass in an effort to pull himself up to a standing position....which resulted in his right palm and fingertips severely burned. Ugh. Maybe the worst night of parenting to date. Del and I were literally sitting a foot away from where it happened and in a split second we just heard screaming...which lasted for the next 2 1/2 hours until he finally fell asleep sitting in his high chair eating dinner. So, on Thanksgiving Morning we took him in to the ER to make sure everything was ok with his hand. We just kept thinking "what an awful 1st Thanksgiving for our little buddy" when we got home and he started taking his first few steps, it was exactly what we needed to turn our sorrow into joy!! What a gift it was!
Thankfully his hand healed perfectly! Del made sure we followed the instructions of the ER doctors and the doctors at the Burn Center in Seattle to a tee...because when it comes to an infant and the use of their right don't mess around. And now you can't even tell anything happened!
Our first Thanksgiving in WA was spent with our dear friends, The Pulleys. It's amazing how the Lord knows exactly what you need...and He knew12 years ago...when Lindsey and I lived on the same floor in the dorms our Freshman year at the UofA...that we needed to be friends for something He had planned later in life! {aka, them moving to WA two weeks after we did!!} So thankful that we serve a God that is ALL knowing and whose plans are PERFECT! Their friendship has been a HUGE blessing to us.
Ok...back to Davis...
Since he has started walking, life looks a lot different. He is super busy and suuuuuper curious...all. the. time. But thankfully he is still taking 2 naps and sleeping great through the night. So, we get a few little quiet moments throughout the day.
Davis' First Christmas was great {aka very anti-climactic. ha}. We had built it up so much in our minds and hearts...wanting the day to be filled with new traditions and seeing pure joy across his face as he ripped into his gifts....Ha...not so much! He wasn't old enough to enjoy all of our new traditions...and as for the gifts...he could have cared less. All he really wanted to play with was his broom! Of course!
We celebrated Christmas as a family in WA and then headed to AR for Christmas and New Years. It was a wonderful time with family, and the few friends we were able to see. Unfortunately, both sides of the family were hit with either the stomach bug or a nasty it really limited us on the amount of interaction we had with the outside world.
But we made it back to WA safely and just a week later our baby turned ONE!!
Del had the day off work, so we spent the day as a family! It truly was wonderful for this momma's heart....and I'm sure Davis enjoyed the day as well! :) ha. I agree with the friends that said that the leading up to the 1st birthday was "worse" than the actual day. Amen and Amen. As I rocked him the night before he turned one, I never wanted the moment to end. I flipped through all of my favorite pictures from the last year on my phone and was overcome with joy, awe, and unworthiness. It truly is amazing watching this little boy grow, and am humbled at the thought that the Lord entrusted him to us for this time! Truly amazing.
Thank you for enduring this looooong post! I just wanted to get some of this stuff down before I forgot it all!! Wishing you a very happy weekend from WA!

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