Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentine's Day & Our First BIG Illness

 This past week has been quite the whirlwind of emotions!! The week started out full of Love, Giving, time with Friends, and then ended with a big ole' yucky case of pneumonia {which by the way I still don't know how to spell. Thank you spell check for correcting me every. single. time.}

I don't know what comes over me sometimes, but I think that it is super fun to make the "non-major" holidays super...well...FUN! :) Like Valentine's Day!! Maybe it's the fact that we have a kiddo now, so it makes you want to celebrate more than you would otherwise. Or maybe it's just a good excuse to make an "ordinary" day a really "special" day! Or maybe it's just a good excuse to act like a kid again yourself!?!  I don't know what it is...but I was totally into it this year!!
And thanks to Pinterest, I had a million different things I wanted to do/make...but I finally landed on these fun little goodies for Davis' best buddies at Bible Study. Mainly because I had everything I needed at the house the night I decided to make them! Boom.
On Wednesdays we have Bible Study in the morning, and afterwards we usually go to lunch with some of the other ENT wives that also attend the same Bible Study! It's amazing how God provided great friends, fellow mommies, and sisters in Christ all within this group of women...whose husband's are also training to do the same thing mine is?!?! Truly...too good to be true!!
Davis dressed in his finest Valentine's Day attire (thank you Jonathan and Mandi for this shirt! It's perfect!!)...which made me laugh because last year, on Davis' first Valentine's Day, a friend had also given him a shirt about "the Ladies". haha. This may be a new tradition! {I love traditions!!}
Gah! {I'm sure you're not surprised} but look how much he has changed since last Valentine's Day?!!
He was just a little over a month old at that point!
After we ate lunch, we traveled downtown to an amazing cupcake place called "Sweet Charlie B's". Hanna and Davis looooved their cupcakes...mainly the icing!
Davis really IS out numbered by the LAAADIIEEESSS! :)
So...on the ACTUAL Valentine's Day....I pretty much spent the entire day cooking! Thankfully Davis took a GREEEEAAAT nap in the afternoon, so I had some time to concentrate. Like I've said before, Del and I have never really celebrated Valentine's Day, but this year I did want to try and make something special and different. While we lived in LR, our favorite restaurant was Loca Luna and Del's favorite thing to eat there was Osso Buco....soooo...I thought I'd put on my big girl cooking pants and try to recreate it! With the help of Mario Batali and my awesome neighbor {that seriously held my hand though the entire process. I love you Stephanie} it was a HUGE hit! Del looooooved it!!
Sorry I didn't get a better picture of it....but by this point I was so severely starving {after smelling that goodness all day} I literally wanted to get it on our plates as fast as possible so that we could INHALE it!! haha. And that is exactly what we did. I served it over garlic mashed potatoes and a side of sautéed veggies. Yum-O! Davis had his favorite noodles to eat, so everyone was super happy!!
Then we had our neighbors, John and Stephanie, over for a delicious Sour Cream Pound Cake it was the perfect way to end a really fun day!! And as if we hadn't laughed enough already that night with John and Stephanie...I got on Facebook before bed and when Del and I saw this...we were literally crying. If only I were that witty and hilarious.
Then on Friday....our wonderful, joyous, calorie-filled festivities came to a crashing halt when Davis woke up from his nap with 104.4 fever. 
Cue: lots of blazing hot cuddles and not wanting to be put down for the next three days.
We stayed home all weekend, and with the help of Tylenol and Ibuprofen, his fever bounced around between 101-104.  So on Monday, when his fever still was periodically spiking up to 104, we decided to go to the ER {because ALL the clinics on base were closed}.  His chest X-ray confirmed that he in fact had pneumonia in the upper part of both of his lungs. He received a big shot of antibiotics in both legs, cried a lot, got really antsy being in the same small room for 5 hours....then after observing him a little longer, we headed home.
When we got home, he was starting to show some signs of respiratory distress, so after watching him for a little bit and discussing what we should do....we we decided to head BACK to the ER to make sure everything was ok. Better safe than sorry, right? :) Thankfully they got us right in...since we had just been there! ha. They monitored his breathing and oxygen levels for a while, and eventually all of his stats leveled out, so we felt comfortable with the decision to take him home rather than having him admitted overnight.
It truly was amazing, because while we were waiting and watching his stats, we began getting text after text saying that Davis was being prayed, prayed, PRAYED for!! It was amazing to feel that kind of love and support from The Church {as a whole} during that time of waiting. Thank you to all who prayed! It meant the world to us!
Since then, our days have been filled with lots of meds, lots of napping {for Davis}, not too much eating, and lots of Pedialyte! ha. I have started to see an improvement in his demeanor today, so I'm hoping that this is just the first of many signs that he is on the mend!
Thanks again to everyone who has been praying for our little guy! God is hearing your prayers and we are anxiously awaiting our little guy being back to 100%!
Have a great day!

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