Friday, March 8, 2013

Omelets and ONEsies!! {Davis' First Birthday Party}

I know that I already blogged about Davis turning ONE but what I didn't mention was his First Birthday PARTY!! And what a party it was!
If you know anything about us, we are serious about some birthdays around here. {Confession: I am really the only one serious about birthdays...but I do plan on converting each member of our by one. ha. Starting with Davis.} So, on his actual birthday, Del had the day off so we were able to spend the whole day a family. It was wonderful. Del made Davis a special 1 pancake {which he wasn't really into...but it sure looked awesome, huh?}...but then we quickly moved onto the photo shoot that I had been looking forward to for...well...the last 12 months.
I know I've said it before....but I LOVE Smash Cake Sessions. So...I had BIG hopes and dreams for Davis'. I made the cake myself. Homemade Cream Cheese Frosting and everything! It was going to be perfect.
CUE: Dreams Shattered. Haha

The child did not want ANYTHING to do with his cake. Nothing.
As soon as his hands and feet touched the icing he FLIPPED OUT! Liiiiike....screamed like I've never heard him scream before. Yikes!
But at least we were able to get a few sweet pictures of him {pre-cake meltdown}...and it captured the moment and his personality...which is what really matters.
{I'll stop crying about it hopefully by the time he graduates high school. haha. Kidding.}
The rest of the day was great, just being spent as a family. At dinner we gave the cake another whirl so he could blow out his candle. He did like the candle part....
...but just ended up eating his favorite noodles. No cake. ha.
All that to say, for his birthday party...we decided that a cake might not be the best idea. haha.
Del had to work the night shift the day of his party, so we knew we needed to do something in the morning...and who doesn't love a good breakfast on Saturday morning?!
So, we decided to have an Omelets and ONEsies Party, in honor of Davis turning ONE!! Everything we served had the letter "O" in it, and all the kids {and majority of the adults} came in their pajamas! It was sooooo fun!!

And what pajama party would truly be complete, if it didn't come with a stellar case of bed-head? ha. Thank you Davis for coming in "costume". :)
Sweet friends in their jammies!
Sweet Mary Beth and Kennedy in their matching robes! I love their little friendship.
Del was our master Omelet chef, accompanied by our neighbor, John. They were the perfect team!
In addition to Omelets, we had dOnuts, yOgurt, granOla, cheeriOs, gO-gurt, fruit kabObs, and Oatmeal.
Oh yeah.....and more donuts!
This time around Davis loved his cake {but really, who wouldn' was made of donuts}, and especially loved all the candles.
Be still my heart. I could not love these two any more!
Then once the time arrived for Davis to open presents, I'm pretty sure some of these pictures could be found in the dictionary under the phrase "Beautiful Chaos". haha. I love the heart of kids and how they want to help and tell you everything that is in each bag! Wouldn't have it any other way!
{Of course all Davis wanted to do was play with the cardboard from the wrapping paper. haha.}
Then just like that...everyone's bellies were full and it was nap time!
We had such a great time, and we felt like it was the perfect mix of memorable, fun, kid & adult-friendly, but still laid back. Not one time during the party did Del or I feel stressed or overwhelmed...which is exactly what we wanted.

Thanks for reliving this special day with us and for "coming" to Davis' party! Please take a little breakfast snack on your way out! ;)


Nicole said...

Hi Chelsea! I came across your blog through mutual friends I think, and I love the black & white framed picture you did of your son's baby & monthly pictures from his first year! Did you have the mat/frame custom-made or did you buy it somewhere? I'd love to make one for my son too. Thanks!! p.s. Davis is a cutie!! :)
Nicole Francis

The Slonekers said...

Hey Nicole! We actually received it as a gift, but I think it's from Bed Bath & Beyond, or Kirklands? I'm sorry I can't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure it's from one of those two! Thank you! :)