Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our Journey Home Begins

When we got home last night, my mom asked "Does it feel weird being back in the states?" and my immediate answer was "nope!". I don't think it hit me until this morning. Its not necessarily weird being back in the states, but it is weird having to jump right back into our "routine". We saw a short video this morning from our trip and it really brought tears to my eyes. Those were real people we encountered with real eternal destinies. It put a sense of real eternal urgency within me today. Never have I been to a place where when you spoke the name of Jesus, they had no frame of reference for whom you were speaking of. Even when you said "America", they didn't know where you were talking about. Can you imagine? What a joy it will be when the name of Jesus is common there...and not only will they call him Jesus but they will call Him "LORD" and "Savior"! We can keep praying that that day will come soon. Just a few thoughts I had, while I am sitting here wide awake at 11:54 pm. I guess we aren't as well adjusted yet as we thought we were.

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