Saturday, November 15, 2008

How It Should Be

Today I attended a funeral for a lady who is in BSF with me. Her mother passed away earlier this week, and the service was today. Now, don't go feeling all down-and-out about this. This post is not one to be sad about. That funeral was the best thing that happened in my day thus far! With all the respect in the world to the family...that funeral was JAMMIN'!! Literally, every person walked about of that church praising the Lord and doing it with a smile on their face. Like the pastor said, "it's a time of great sadness, but also a time of great celebration...because today is the first day that Cle's mom gets to see Jesus face to face! It was an AMAZING CELEBRATION. Which is what it should be, for someone who has spent their life loving and serving the Lord. Now, I will say that I was 1 of the 6 white people there....but I did not feel out of place for a second. It was amazing to be around that many people that loved the Lord and weren't afraid to stand up, shout it out, and sing about the Lord's goodness...during a funeral!! Even the family was brought to their feet out of praise and thanksgiving to our Father for what he has done and what His Word says will happen in the future!! I want that pastor and all of the people that were in that room at my funeral...because it was the most fabulous celebration of what Life in the Lord is truly like! Thank you Cle for allowing us to share that moment with you and your family. I am so sorry for your loss, but as one Body in Christ...we will be here for you whenever you need us! We love you sister, and I look forward to serving with you in the future. 

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