Saturday, December 6, 2008

The "Christmas Spirit"

Between the hours of 7 & 8pm last night, Del and I: 
Went and got a Christmas Tree
Drove Home
Trimmed it & Gave it a clean cut
Put it in the stand
Wrapped a Christmas Present
& Fixed and Ate Dinner
Then we went to meet some friends at Starbucks
Then this morning when we woke up we ate breakfast, read, & decorated the tree by the fire!! What a glorious morning!! Also, every year when we get a Christmas Tree, we get a Popcorn Tin! (Yep, it's almost half empty already....we just got it last night.) So, this is Del enjoying popcorn and coffee by the fire and tree! He put off going to the library this morning to help decorate the tree. What a man!! It really meant a lot to me. 
I don't drink coffee, so I just held Burt. :) P.S. Del and I are both modeling our Christmas P.J.s and Robe that my mother-in-law got us last year! Thanks Lynda. They were perfect for the occasion.
Then I decided to "re-create" something I saw at Pottery Barn the other Day. So, Del took a picture of me cutting down dead branches from our front yard.
Yep, Project Runway here I come. It's the new look for the season:
Sorority Sweatshirt (2 sizes too big)
Christmas Pajama Pants
Printed Rain boots
& a Saw
So, in the mix of all this fun...Del stops and says "We need to be careful that The "Christmas Spirit" doesn't outweigh the Holy Spirit during this time of year". OUCH! It is true. None of this would be happening if it weren't for God sending His Son Jesus to be born and then to die so that we can have eternal life! 
Thank You Lord for being so gracious, and may we not forget You during this time...but may we Glorify You with our lives, actions, and words every day so that others may know you!
Thanks for sharing this wonderful morning with us!

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Kari Beth said...

Perfect tree in the perfect house by the perfect wood-burning fire! But I'm not too sure about the coffee and popcorn mixture...unless is the caramel popcorn :)