Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus!

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas....I know we did...and we are still enjoying the time off! We started our Christmas celebration off by coming up to NW Arkansas on Monday night. We loaded the luggage, presents, and dogs up in the car and headed up to the Streachek household. When we arrived we were greeted by wonderful lights and Christmas decorations!

Tuesday was filled with rest and wrapping presents. I think Mack wanted to come in and help wrap presents.
Then on Wednesday, we went over to the Sloneker house that afternoon. That evening we ate dinner and then had a "Happy Birthday Jesus" Party!
Everyone was given a candle, and when they put their candle on the cake, they said one thing they were going to "give Jesus" this year. You could either say it out loud or say it privately to yourself. It was really neat, and maybe a tradition that will continue every year!
Alyssa putting her candle on the cake.
Charles watching his candle being lit.
Then after all the candles were on the cake, Justin led us in a prayer. It was funny, right after I snapped this sweet picture of Alyssa, she turned to me and said "Close your eyes, Chelsea!" So, I stopped taking pictures.
Then the night continued by opening presents! It's so fun to have "little ones" in the family to watch them get so excited with each gift they open.

Even Erin got really excited about her gifts!
Ellen tossing her wrapping into the trash bag! Good Shot!
Alyssa put on a performance for everyone with the microphone we got her. She was born to be a performer!
Charles showing us how tough he is dressed as a bandit.
He's even tough in his Christmas Pajamas!
(Notice he still has his sherrif badge, belt, and handcuffs on)

James, being a very serious dectective, with his Spy Gear stuff.

After the Christmas Eve "Party", Del and I went to Midnight Mass with my dad. Even tough we were tired, it is always a good service
Then we went back to The Streachek House, and retired for the evening.

The next morning we woke up, and opened our gifts from eachother and from Santa.

Burt was even excited to open presents!

My Great Aunt Virginia came up from Eureka to stay the night with us.

Then everyone came over in the afternoon, and we had a great Christmas Lunch!

My dad cooked a really yummy turkey and ham.
And after lunch, Del took a nap
Then everyone opened more presents. On my mom's side of the family, we all draw it's always fun to see who drew your name. Then we have a "White Elephant" gift exchange.
My Aunt Eileen (my dad's sister) started a tradition, that every year she gets Del and I some kind of snowman. This year, she sent this snowman nightlight! We love it!! Thank you Aunt Eileen.
My Grandma got a cell phone this year! She is movin' on up in the "digital age".

Then, Christmas Day ended by us going back over to the Sloneker House and having dinner. After dinner, we played a mad game of Scrabble (which Del and I are TERRIABLE at), and the kids put on a performance (directed by Grandma Sloneker), singing Christmas Carols. Now, we are just resting. The past few days have been filled with naps and eating yummy leftovers. Ahh, Christmas break is so glorious!

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