Saturday, January 3, 2009

Game Nights

Game night has now become an essential part of Sloneker-Family-Get-Togethers....and we LOVE it!! It all started one night when Erin and Justin brought over Scrabble. We stayed up until 1am playing. We have now incorporated Pictionary and Taboo into the mix. All great games. And it's amazing how it really brings a family together---but it also let's you see someone's "true colors" if the game gets close!

Justin and Del thinking that they could beat Erin and I....and they did in the end.

Erin and Justin taking a break from Scrabble.

Yep...I'm pretty much the least competitive player out there! 

Del looking a little scared at what the other team is drawing...because they totally dominated us! But we got our revenge 2 nights ago.

This is what Del came up with for "scratch" in Pictionary!

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Kari Beth said...

oh my family is in love with game nights as well!! every sundy night! our games of choice are dominoes and spades!!

happy new year :) :)