Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hometown Hero

Yeah, I know...Conway is not my hometown....
but when we found out that there was going to be a "Chris Allen Watch Party" in his hometown, we jumped on the opportunity...
and we weren't disappointed!
A few of us from our Community Group headed to C-Town tonight to enjoy some Slim Chickens, and root on our "hometown hero", Kris Allen. I personally think us girls have All-Star Husbands for making the trip with us. However, the comment was made that "they need to go do something really manly afterwards to make up for this."
While we were waiting for the results, we were asked by a local TV station if we could be interviewed about how much we voted last night!

This is us pretending to "text in our votes".
But once 8:55 P.M. hit, Conway erupted with screaming and fireworks! It was amazing! I felt like I was in LA rooting Kris on in person!
Ashley and I were hoisted on our hubby's shoulders to get a better view....and to try and be on national television (let's be honest now)!
As far as we know, we didn't make it on national television, but we did make it on a local channel! HA! It was totally awkward...and I know now that "broadcasting" is not one of my spiritual gifts!
Congrats Kris Allen! You made Arkansas proud tonight!

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