Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A "Family" Thanksgiving Feast

"Twas 3-Weeks Before Thanksgiving"

Twas 3 Weeks before Thanksgiving, when all through the house
The main lady was stirring, in her pretty white blouse.
The apron was hung around her neck with great care,
In hopes that her "family" soon would be there.
The "family" arrived to the smell of sweet bread,
While visions of fried-turkey danced in their head.
The table was set with home-y decor,
That would bring back memories of Thanksgivings before.
When the casseroles were revealed, there arose such a clatter,
I thought the neighbors would come see what was the matter.
But low-and-behold it was the sound of ready plates,
Knowing that we were all about to gain a little bit of weight.
Del and Kyle carved the turkey with care,
because they knew the wishbone had to be somewhere!
Even though we're a little early for this wonderful feast,
we were ready to dine on that succulent beast! (Ha!)
Once we were nestled all snug in our chairs,
we bowed our head for our Thanksgiving prayer.
We gave thanks for all we'd been given in life,
especially for us girls...that we'd be a good wife!
Us girls love these guys with all of our hearts,
because they are just such goofy sweethearts.

Yes, I know, from this picture you'd say,
"Are they really going to be my physician one day?"
But, if I can assure you of just one thing,
They will love you with any ailment you bring.
Oh, Family Dinner, you are the BEST,
but it is now time for us to rest.
We will cherish your friendship all the days of our life,
Thank you so much for letting Christ's light shine so bright!

We are so thankful for the Med School friends God has brought us. We will cherish their friendship forever!

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Kyle B. Basham said...

I don't only love that you are both an awesome photographer as well as timely with your photos, but I love that you put such time into this blog. I am about to start forwarding the link to my mom, she can see more of me through here than anywhere else!