Monday, November 30, 2009

A Weekend of Visitors

How much would you give to have this sweet face come stay at your house?!
Yes, he could quite be the sweetest face that's stepped foot in this house to-date! He and his mama (Katie) and my sister-in-law, Erin came to stay with us last weekend. It was so nice to have visitors and to catch up with these great friends.

The Hogs played on the Saturday they were here, so Katie decked out her son in the cutest Hog Shoes I've ever seen.

We just hung out in our pajamas all day on Saturday and just talked. But, then we finally decided to get dressed and headed to Chick-fil-a for some free food! But, not before we had a little photo shoot with the Baby Bjorn....and the Baby!

Me, Katie, and her son!
I can't believe she is a mama! And a great one at that!
And speaking of mamas...Erin is about to be one!!
She is due in January! I CAN NOT WAIT to be an aunt!!
Man, I love the Baby Bjorn! Could quite be the greatest to the iPhone.

Erin and Katie left Saturday afternoon, to try and beat the game traffic home. Then on Sunday, another one of Del's sisters, Ellen, came down with her boyfriend, Todd.
It was great, we had lunch together and then they came over to see the house. Sorry, I didn't take any pictures on Sunday, so I got this picture from Facebook. Next time I'll do a better job!
We LOVE having visitors, so anytime you are in town, please give us a call!


Kari Beth said...

sweet baby! and, erin looks so good!!!

The Slonekers said...

Kari Beth, you need to post some "baby bump" pictures! How much longer do you have?