Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby Rodriguez Reveal Party

On Sunday night, we headed over to Conway for Chris and Susan's Baby Reveal Party. If you haven't heard of this kind of party, don't worry...I think it's kind of a "new thing." It seems like people are getting more and more creative with big events like proposals, baby showers, birthday parties...and now Gender Reveal Parties! It's a fun way for people to "break the news" as to what they are having, and also just a fun excuse to get some friends together and have yummy cake! :)

Chris and Susan found out on Friday what they were having, and then kept it a secret until Sunday at their party! Props to them...because I would have just blurted it out to the first person I saw! But they did really good. I think they must have practiced calling "it" an "it" or "they".

Susan went all out of the party though. She even painted her toe nails pink and blue!

And they each wore their little "Dad to Be" and Mom to Be" Ribbons!

Each of these girls did such a great job hosting. They really made the night special for Chris & Susan!

And they also made super yummy food! Have you ever had Strawberry Bruschetta? Because that is what you are seeing in the bottom left of this picture and it is A.MAZING. If you have all the ingredients right now you should go make it. Yes, now.

Sweet little Diaper Cake. I think these things are just the cutest!

Once everyone was done eating, we anxiously awaited to hear pink or blue!

How this whole thing went down was, once Chris and Susan had their ultrasound on Friday, they called Mickey's to tell them what color the filling should be depending on if it was a girl or a when they cut into the first piece and pulled it was revealed to everyone else that they're having....

...a GIRL!!!

Yea! Ava Lauryn will make her grand appearance in January!

This was my gift to Chris and Susan! ha! I've been calling it a Girl from the beginning, so I wanted to make sure it was only going to be used for Ava! :)

After all the excitement settled down, we had all written down baby/parenting questions for Chris and Susan and they were to answer separately and then we would compare their answers! I think they are going to be great parents because they are already on the same page on pretty much every issue! :)

Oh I love Ava so much already!!

Congrats again Chris and Susan! Baby Girl is going to be here before you know it!!
So, let's hurry up and get that nursery done!!


Lindsey said...

I love the idea of a Baby Reveal Party! So fun!

Victoria said...

Such a fun looking party and I love the idea of revealing your baby's gender with close family and friends- how special!