Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Suzann's Bridal Portraits {Texarkana Wedding Photographer}

56 Engagement Pictures....92 Bridal Portraits....and 501 Wedding Pictures later....
I am finally ready to introduce to you the new, Mr. and Mrs. Whatley!!

Josh and Suzann are just the sweetest couple, who have been "together" longer than they can even remember. When I gave Suzann the "Lovie Card", she read the first line and said, "I can't really remember what my thought was when I first met Josh....because I was 3." Ha. Yes, they have known each other and have really grown up together for as long as they can remember. Their families support each other in ministry, so naturally they just love and adore the other....which made this marriage a very special event.

I knew that I was going to love Suzann from the first time I spoke with her on the phone, because when we spoke of her Sister-in-law, she said, "you mean my Sister-in-love". How precious is that?!? {Ummm, so precious that I may have to adopt that phrase!!} This family truly is filled with the Love of the Lord, and it was evident in their speech and actions throughout every encounter I had with them.

Josh and Suzann's Wedding Day started out like most others....except for it was in one of the most beautiful theaters I've ever {and probably will ever} see. It was the theater that Suzann danced in for 18 years, so it was so special and familiar to her and her family. The moment I walked in I thought, "How in the world am I going to be able to do this place justice?" It was breathtaking.
See what I mean?! It is a true treasure, placed right in the middle of downtown Texarkana!

Woah! Wait right there & grab a few tissues while you're at it because I simply adore this next picture.

Suzann making her final touches, and dad watching his baby girl in the distance. Priceless.
....and then the Bride was ready to make her grand entrance!
For Suzann's Bridal Portraits, we just walked around downtown Texarkana....which is pretty much a photographer's paradise. We could have spent all day just walking around, going down alleys, finding cool archways and doors....but this was her Wedding DAY...so we just spent {cough} 2 hours playing and having a hay day with the camera! :)

We started out with some fun pictures right outside the theater by the Stage Door, since that had special meaning to Suzann and then we walked over to a building across the street for some more "classic" Bridal Portraits.
Side Note: Blaire and I became mildly obsessed with Suzann's shoes.
{I just love it when Brides put little special touches on their Big Day. It makes it so personal and fun.}
So, I'm just warning you in advance that there is a good possibility you will be dreaming about these shoes tonight because you've seen so many pictures of them!
Once the "classics" were over, Suzann busted out the purple gloves {to match her shoes of course} and we went out to get some more dramatic and fun pictures by the art museum.

Suzann, you were truly a stunning bride.
Come back tomorrow to see the rest of the Wedding Party...and more shoe pictures!! :)

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