Monday, January 23, 2012

Meet Me Here Monday: Happy Due Date!!

Not only is it the Chinese New Year...
but today is the day we thought we would celebrate for the rest of our lives as Davis' Birthday...
but in God's perfect timing...we've been able to enjoy and love on our little guy for an extra two weeks!

This was our first full week of "all by ourselves" we just took it easy and spent some good time cuddling and loving our baby.
We also practiced using the Moby Wrap for when I actually do have to take Davis out in public. I think that thing is going to be wonderful because it keeps him all snug and happy in there!
But then on Saturday, we had a few visitors! The kids I nannied for, for the last 4 years came over to meet Davis. It was so great to see them and just chat with them about school, friends, and of course Hot Wheels. My favorite quote from our time together was when Ryan said, "Mrs. Chelsea, when Baby Davis hatched...." Ha! Yes, sweet boy, when he hatched!
 My parents also came down for the day, so it was nice to just hang out with them for a little while as well.
They LOVE their grandson!
 Del's parents will get here tomorrow which we are super excited about! I am so thankful that Davis was born when he was so that they could meet him before they head back to China. Yep, you read that right....Del's parents live in China. So, it's a huge blessing that they were here for Christmas Break, because otherwise they wouldn't have met Davis until Del's graduation in May.

Then on Sunday, we caught a "wild hair", and took Davis out in public so as to meet some friends for lunch. Yep, D's first outing was to Buffalo Grill! It worked out perfectly with his feedings, so he did great while we ate and visited.
 So, in celebration of Davis' Due Date, he has moved from the bassinet in our room to his crib!
{I know, we are breaking probably 100 different " crib rules" in this picture. But don't worry, that blanket is a crocheted so he can still breathe if he moves it over his face....and he can't move around that much so I think we are safe with the bumper pads for now!} :)
  But thankfully Del kept the monitor on his side of the bed, which is a good thing, because I know I would just stare at it all night to watch him sleep!! ha.
But so far this week is off to a great start!
We are still taking things slowly, so as to not get overwhelmed {speaking more for myself rather than Del}....but I am quickly realizing that I cannot get as much done as I am use to within the course of a day. I am having to set realistic goals, and just be happy with whatever happens!

I hope your week is off to a great start as well! Because it sure would make Davis happy if it was! :)


Emily Richardson said...

So happy for you guys! He is a doll! The Moby will change your world. i would stick A in there to clean the house, grocery shop, cook etc and she would go RIGHT to sleep. It was like a drug and since she never liked being swaddled it was the next best thing

Lauren Lashlee said...

Sounds like you are doing awesome momma!! Wasn't moving him to his crib so liberating?! Or maybe that is only how I felt... hehe. As time goes on, you will get more and more done throughout the day. After the first 3 months, you will amaze yourself by how much you accomplish in one day. : ) Davis is so precious! I miss mine being that small and cuddly. : )