Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fight to the Death

This morning, a small "little" critter had the really bad idea of gracing our living room with his presence. As you know, I seriously despise cockroaches. They have tried to enter our house before...but they all seem to fall to the same destinies. Death.

So, this morning when I woke up, I noticed that there was a black "something" on our molding in the living room. I knew exactly what it was even though I didn't have my contacts I ran to get the Raid. I sprayed it with the Raid, which did nothing but knock it off the molding. When it hit the floor (I squealed) and then sprayed it again with the Raid...but noticed that it didn't have the "instant death" effect I wanted it to have. So....I ran to get my "Go To".

That's right. Dial Foaming Soap.
I love it. Cockroaches hate it. It's perfect.

Unfortunately, this little bugger started to take off before I got back to kill it.
So....I ended up chasing it all over the living room with my foaming soap.

I was pushing furniture out of the way and moving as quick as I could...when finally...I pushed our coffee table out of the way and GOT 'EM!

When I turned around to go get something to scoop him up with
{yes, I said scoop. there is NO WAY I'm touching those things with just a wad of paper towels! No Sir! I had to get the cardboard crescent roll container that I had just opened to scoop that guy up with! Yuck!}
I laughed out loud at myself. There was just a trail of soap leading to where that horrible rodent met his death.

But, the good news is...our floors are clean now!

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