Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome Baby Liam

Welcome Baby William "Liam" Lawson!

Our good friends, Josh & Stefanie Lawson had their first baby this past Tuesday. Josh is one of Del's closest friends, so when he got the text that Stefanie was about to deliver, he jumped in his car and headed up to NWA.
Oh, he just looks like the sweetest thing ever! I had to work, so I couldn't make the trip with I had to get these pictures off of Facebook. :) Thanks for posting them, guys! It keeps those of us that are far away up to date with your new little family.
Ughhh! Every time I see this picture of Del and Josh it brings a little tear to my eye. Such a special moment between two good friends.
Josh & Stef, we are SO excited for you guys. I can't wait to meet Baby Liam...but from his pictures, he looks perfect! You guys are going to be amazing parents. We can't wait to watch Liam grow into a Man after God's Heart....but until then...enjoy the time you have with him as a precious little baby!

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