Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lots of Snow...Lots of Walking

In my opinion, there are not many things greater than snow. I especially love it when I can sit at my desk and gaze out at the street light periodically to see if it is still coming down. And to my utter still is! Today's Sunday Snow Day couldn't have been much better. I spent most of the day with Susan, putting the finishing touches on her nursery, while Del traveled back from a weekend of Duck Hunting in Stuttgart.

When he got home, we knew that we were going to need some groceries {not because we want to recreate last snow day's eating-extravaganza} but because we were on our last roll of toilet paper ...and if we were going to be stuck in the same house all day tomorrow, we needed some essentials.

So we bundled up and decided to head to Target...and by that I mean, WALK to Target. Yes, the roads were already bad at this point, and Target is literally right behind our house, so we thought we'd give it a whirl.


I don't know what we were more excited about...the snow or the "fun" adventure that was ahead of us. Ha.
Probably the snow.


Walking to get your groceries = a total success!
Obviously Del carried the heavier of the loads...but he I couldn't take away his manliness, right? :) I will say, knowing that you have to carry your groceries definitely makes you evaluate everything you put in your cart. I'm thinking about calling Dave Ramsey and telling him that he should add that as one of his new Baby Steps to Financial Freedom. 


We currently have 4 inches on our patio table...and it is still coming down! I asked Del if all the snow would break through the glass on our table and he replied with, "Chelsea, this table was hit by a car and didn't break. I think it will be fine." Right. I guess that's why he's in Med School & I'm not.
He's so cute and smart!

Happy Snow Day!


Diana said...

These pictures are ADORABLE!!

bperryphoto said...

I really love your blog. Just wanted you to know... I love how YOU shine through... I just love it.