Sunday, July 18, 2010

Week & Weekend Wrap-Up

I thought I would do a quick personal re-cap of what our past week and weekend consisted of since the next 3 {or so} days is going to consist of wedding pictures.

The biggest change is that Del has started his rotations! Yes, that's right. He is officially in his 3rd year of Med School! Can you believe how fast it has gone by? I can't. He is in his Psych Rotation {for the next 5 weeks} which means that he is done by 3:30-4:00 every day and Noon on Fridays! We have really been enjoying the time together.

Secondly, we have been eating a lot of tomatoes! Our tomato plant has produced some really great "Big Boys" so far...but we like to call them "Not-so-Big-Boys". But they are still really good. We would love to have more of a garden next year....but we will see if that actually happens. One of Del's fellow classmates, Chris Carter, brought over some homegrown peaches from his grandparent's the other that got us talking about a garden once again. Thanks Chris, they are really yummy!
I've started doing P90X again, and my legs were so sore the other day, that when I took Burt to the back yard I fell! I wish I had a cool story like "I got swiped by a car when I was on my road bike, training for a triathlon"...but no. I was just walking and stepped off the curb wrong.
I tried to bandage it up myself...but it didn't work out and ended up just wasting a lot of bandages.
So once I got home, Del took care of it! I can see how this whole "having a doctor in the house" can come in real handy especially when I have real klutzy moments like this....or this...or this...or this.
But on Friday night, we headed out to a local Mexican Restaurant and then went to see Inception. The movie was actually really good. But the 8:30 show was sold out so we waited around until the 9:30 showing...and played at the Arcade and took pictures in the Photo booth at the movie theater while we waited. It was so fun laughing until our stomach hurt and just goofing around with these great friends.
Sam looked super manly holding {his new bride} Lindsey's purse while playing air hockey! ha!
But that about sums it up! Del has been doing a lot of yard work and also working on putting up the gate that Martin tore down with his car in October. :) Eventually our house will be back to normal. I hope you guys had a great week & weekend.

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Ashley said...

YUMMY!!! Those tomatoes look amazing! We try to get ours from the farmer's market every Saturday! We have been having a lot of BLT's lately! hehe!